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  • ◆ Lake Kinrin

  • Yufuin is known as a popular hot spring resort in Oita prefecture as well as Beppu. Lake Kinrin is a sightseeing spot that is a symbol of Yufuin. A scholar saw the shiny golden scale of fish reflecting the light of the setting sun and named the lake which means “gold scale lake.”
    There is a hot spring spot at the bottom of the lake that keeps the temperature of the water relatively warm. Because of this, mist rises over the lake and creates a very mystical scene in cold winters. Lake Kinrin looks great with fresh green leaves in spring, red and yellow leaves in autumn, and the mist in winter. It is popular as a photo spot all through the year.

  • ◆ Fukuoka Tower

  • Fukuoka Tower was built as a monument of the "Asia Pacific Expo (YOKATOPIA)" held in 1989 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Fukuoka city's establishment of a municipal system. It is proudly the tallest seaside tower in Japan at a height of 234m.
    People sometimes call the tower "Mirror Sail" as it has a refined outward appearance of the triangle prism that is covered with 8,000 one-way mirrors.
    The view from the observation deck on the top floor located 123 meters high above the ground is particularly special. You can overlook Fukuoka's cityscape and ocean with a 360-degree panoramic view.

  • ◆ Hitachi Seaside Park

  • Hitachi Seaside Park was opened in 1991. It is an extensive park covering an area of 350ha and 140ha of it is opened to public as a park now. The park has a large lawn area, an amusement park, and a sand hill. It is also well known as a venue of one of the biggest rock music events in Japan, ROCK IN JAPAN. The park is also called ”theme park of flowers” for its beautiful scenery with various seasonal flowers planted in the park.

  • ◆ Canal City Hakata

  • Canal City Hakata, established in April 20th, 1996, is a multifunctional complex facility with different types of business categories such as shopping mall, movie cinema, theater, and amusement arcade.
    There’s an approximately 180-meter-long “canal” crosses the center of Canal City surrounded by curvy, colorful buildings. The dynamic fountain show informs the flow of time. Many performances and music lives are performed daily on the waterside stage, and this city of entertainment is a gathering spot, location to rest, and the city full of life.

  • ◆ Marinoa City Fukuoka

  • Marinoa City Fukuoka opened in 2000 and is the largest outlet mall in Kyushu. Marinoa City’s 160 stores cover all genres including cool fashions, sports equipment, accessories, interior goods, and more.
    Making full use of the waterfront location, Marinoa City has an open feel to it, making it popular not only for shopping but also for sightseeing. Throughout the year there are many special sales and events taking place.